It all started with a simple idea: "let's work and travel on the road. full time."

Vantastic Media represents the passions of both Nick and Shelly--namely, ambitious experiments with photography and video to capture our world, mixed in with a dash of science and a unique sense of humor.


If your goals and interests align with ours, we'd love for you to reach out and chat about potential collaborations or sponsorships. We are dedicated in producing quality content for a wide variety of audiences. Let's have fun and make something great together!



Nick Davila


Nick specializes in documentary production and science communications. For the past 12 years, he has produced content for non-profit, commercial and government clients, and he's thrilled to produce original content on the road with Shelly. He has lived, studied and worked in almost every continent and is a graduate of the master's program in documentary film and video production at Stanford University.

Shelly Fan



Shelly is a neuroscientist specializing in brain aging and rejuvenation. Her research focuses on new treatments for degenerating brain disorders and factors in blood that make old brains young again. Although science is a huge part of Shelly's life, writing is her first love. To date, Shelly has written for publications including Scientific American MIND, Discover, and Singularity Hub, and she runs the award-winning blog NeuroFantastic.