Van buildout

Information on this site is meant to showcase how we converted our van, not as a comprehensive step-by-step guide for others.

We hope some of the content will inspire and encourage other DIYers in their design and build process, but we are not professional vehicle outfitters and assume no liability for the works of others.

Improperly modifying a vehicle can result in serious injury or worse.

Be safe!


Amazon Affiliate Program

As Amazon affiliates, we receive a tiny commission on sales made through Amazon product links on this website, at no additional cost to the buyer. We only link to items that we personally used and liked while completing our conversion, or a comparable product if ours is no longer available. The product links also save buyers the trouble of sourcing esoteric parts and products from scratch, which can be very time-consuming given the multiple systems involved in a van conversion.

Commissions help offset the cost of hosting this site and making content. We disclose all sponsored items and content. Thank you for your support, and if you have any questions, please contact us.